Our Tea

Leonardo da vinci once said that "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." The essence of this statement is as appropriate to a piece of art as it is to our tea. It's the way we craft our tea. We like to keep it simple and let the natural flavors of the tea speak for themselves. At Tea², we believe tea can, and should, be enjoyed in its purest form, without sugar, additives or flavorings. Just like coffee, tea is complex, sweet and savory and each variety carries a unique flavor of its own.

Oolong Tea

also spelled wu-long, is a semi-oxidized loose-leaf tea. Although all teas come from the same plant, camellia sinensis, oolong tea is allowed to partially oxidize before it is roasted. During oxidation the tea leaves are brused and allowed to wither. This triggers a chemical reaction, increasing the amount of tannins in the tea.

Four Season Oolong

Green Tea

Green Tea

is the oldest tea variety and traces its origins back thousands of years. This is due to the simplicity of manufacturing green tea. Unlike black tea and oolong tea, green tea is not oxidized. This means that it has more catechins, and as a natural antioxidant it helps keep a persons’ body and mind healthy. Green tea has been a Chinese secret for longjevity for millennia.


Black Tea

is by far the most popular tea among Western drinkers, and is the base for popular blends like English Breakfast and Assam.

Black Tea