Our Story

Tea² began as a husband and wife team in the spring of 2014. After working for several years for other people, we decided to make a change and share with the world something that has made our lives better; Taiwanese tea. Our goal is to offer the same fine Taiwanese teas that we love to the tea loving folks out there.

Come and visit our booth at the Farmer's Market from April to December. If you have any questions about the products we are selling or have a request, please drop us a line. We hope you come and try some of our great teas.


Where We Started

We source teas that are grown and processed in Taiwan. Why is Taiwanese tea so good, you ask?

Here's why...

Tropical Climate & High Mountains

For an island that is roughly the size of Maryland, Taiwan has the highest mountain in East Asia, which, together with its tropical climate, makes it an ideal location to grown more than 100 varieties of tea. The best teas are organically grown on mountains up to 1400 meters. They get sufficient sunlight and dew in high mountains, and are picked by hand at the peak of freshness; pure as mountain air yet smooth as fresh leaves.

Brew in the Old-Fashion Way: Tea Masters

In Taiwan, it's very common to see businesses run by a family, from generation to generation. It's no exception in the tea industry. We source our teas directly from tea farmers who have been growing tea for centuries. They take great pride and passion in carrying on the tradition, which go into every delicious cup.

Our Tea

"Premium" doesn't always need to mean "more expensive", which is why we price our products competitively. We sell our tea directly from the source to you — no middelmen, no surcharges. View More