Taiwan High Mountain Oolong Tea

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High mountain oolong teas are not only beloved for their cup characteristics but valued for how difficult they are to make – great attention to detail is given to picking only the freshest tea leaves and processing them with special care.

This premium grade oolong is a Taiwanese specialty, known for its complex aromas and deep flavor. Grown at elevations higher than 1,000 meters, this high-mountain oolong is processed into tightly-rolled “pearls”, which unfurl when brewed. Because this is a full-leaf tea, each infusion extracts as much flavor as possible from the leaves. Good for multiple brews, High Mountain Oolong is a superb tea for use in a gongfu tea ceremony.

  • Origin: Alishan (Mt. Ali), Taiwan
  • Taiwan High Mountain Tea
  • Medium roasted
  • Aroma: Orchid, fruity, milky notes 
  • Flavors: Floral flavors with hints of orchid and a sweet aftertaste

Brewing Tips

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Step 1: You'll need a mug and tea infuser
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Step 2: Put 2 tsp of tea leaves into the mug
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Step 3: Add 1 cup of filtered water(the temperature should be 195F degrees)
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Step 4: Cover and let steep for 4-5 mins

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