Osmanthus Black Tea

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A new addition to our collection is Osmanthus Black Tea. Using hand-picked Ceylon black tea, Osmanthus Black is an aromatic blend that has notes of peaches and apricots. Our Osmanthus Black Tea is blended in the old-fashioned way, the tea leaves are picked, roasted and scented with osmanthus flowers, which allows the leaves to absorb the osmanthus fragrance during the progress, producing an aromatic and flavorful brew.This tea has strong aromas, yet mild and rich black tea flavor. Good on its own or combined with milk and sugar. 

  • Ingredients: Fine black tea from Sri Lanka, natural osmanthus(sweet olive)
  • Aroma: Floral and fragrant
  • Flavors: Mild and rich, with notes of peach and apricot

Brewing Tips

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Step 1: You'll need a mug and tea infuser
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Step 2: Put 1-2 tsp of tea leaves into the mug
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Step 3: Add 1 cup of filtered water(the temperature should be 205F degrees)
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Step 4: Cover and let steep for 3-4 mins

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