Milk Oolong

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Milk oolong, also known as "Golden Daylily Oolong" or "Jin Xuan", is a light oolong that is closer to a green tea. For over 40 years, tea farmers in Taiwan have been perfecting the time-consuming craft of breeding tea plants until they become Milk Oolong. This tea is mostly grown in the high mountains of Nantou and Chiayi county in Taiwan and is one of the most popular varieties of oolong among tea drinkers.

The first thing you'll notice about Milk Oolong is its unique milky and flowery taste with a mellow and smooth flavor. This tea has a well-defined flavor profile that is unique from other teas, making it a needed staple to any tea collection.

  • Origin: Alishan(Mt.Ali), Taiwan
  • Taiwan High Mountain Tea
  • Aroma: Milky, fruity, hints of osmanthus 
  • Flavors: Milky and floral flavors

Brewing Tips

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Step 1: You'll need a mug and tea infuser
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Step 2: Put 2 tsp of tea leaves into the mug
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Step 3: Add 1 cup of water(the temperature should be 185F degrees)
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Step 4: Cover and let steep for 4-5 mins

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